Three steps to buy your best gun

Nowadays, gun shopping is not as easy as you think because there are many options with different features for your choice. However, you can properly buy your best gun based on our below sharing experience and guidance. This article will provide you some necessary selection criteria to choose your best gun.

Step 1: Think of your usage purpose

Why do you want to buy a gun? By answering this question, you clearly define your purpose in buying a gun. Whether you want to have the self-defense, the right to democracy and love the gun culture, they are also the main reasons for many other people to decide buying this type of weapon. Besides, you can choose a gun for playing in clubs, outdoors and indoors activities, shooting, hunting, etc.


In addition to personal protective reasons, owning a gun is also linked to the gun culture. According to the definition from experts, the term gun culture first appeared in an article by the historian Richard Hofstadter in 1970. In 1995, the scientist Robert Spitzer divided the gun culture by 3 factors: the increase in the number of weapons over time, the relationship between property rights and personal weapons history of national liberation.

Step 2: Try the low caliber as a starter

The low caliber is considered a perfect gun option for anyone who is new to its market. By using the low caliber, the user will get used to the implementation as well as the performance of the gun in an easier way. Owning fewer recoils is one of the most important features of the low caliber. Therefore, it will bring the funnier and pleasant feelings for the users than other large ones. In addition, the low caliber is currently sold with very low price and definitely cheaper than most other kinds.

Step 3: Check the quality of the gun

The quality of the gun should be based on the following elements:

  • Full texture:  spring gun, the inflatable gun used for once or many times. The operation of a good gun should be simple, inexpensive, no need of separated pneumatic cylinder.
  • Small sounds: spring guns do not use compressed air so they will not cause loud sounds.
  • Exactness: the preloading inflatable gun only needs to be inflated once. (Do not use guns with many shock springs).
  • Convenience: Guns pneumatic compression preloading or CO2. (Do not get stuck when loaded).
The quality of the guns also plays a decisive role as a CO2 pistol competition standards higher precision springs gun. At last, you should be aware that the high price also means higher quality, more reliable, more accurate.

Learn about the gun safe in home

A gun safe is a secure container that is exceedingly necessary to store and preserve guns conveniently but don’t worry about making influence on others or attracting the attention of people around you; and especially in home, the gun safe must be highly protective. Let’s click follow link to choose the best gun safe in home.

liberty_national-security-magnum (1)

Gun safes in home are made in several sizes. Similarly, the materials of producing the gun safe are diversified. They are made from steel, wood or glass. They are also made from aluminum alloy or plastic; these materials are super enduring, afford to resist shock or crash. To totally feel secure when using it, must choose a gun safe design has good material with high hardness and steadiness.
How about the designs of gun safe? It can be a cabinet with a carved wood exterior used for both of decorative purpose and displaying weapons. It can also be a gun safe with wood veneer and extremely thick tempered glass. The gun safe is normally put in a dedicated room or an arsenal of guns in one’s home. A room like that is also used as a shelter sometimes if there is a hurricane or tornado.
Maybe you have seen some gun safes designed to be concealed from obvious view. For examples, a gun safe is hidden in an imitation wall or disguised as a wardrobe. This form helps the owner prevent the realization of others of the existence of a gun safe in home to ensure safety.
No matter what design of gun safe is; you need to own a gun safe that its veneer is really stable and its interior is always divided up into multi story with strictly protective ability for your guns; so you can avoid unfortunately risks in the process of keeping guns.
The gun safes are traded on the market have a lot of sizes. A big one can be used to store several guns at the same time. In a gun safe, the auxiliary drawer helps you contain many objects and spare parts which equipped attached with the guns like: gun cover, gun box, shock and water proof gun bag, gun or gun barrel sanitary ware unit, bullet, bullet holder belt, gun belt, silencer, tool box, gun stand, gun fixing mounting bracket, sticking-plaster for disguising gun, high pressure pump, piston, gun spring, types of gun scope…
There are many colors that are used in electrostatic painting for the gun safe; but some colors such as black, silver, bright grey, dark green and light brown are the most popular.
Nowadays, the gun safes mostly have supplementary features such as: fire prevention, waterproofing, chemicals resistance, can stand the corrosion, protective lock and fingerprint identification. Types of lock which is usually used in the gun safes are mechanical lock, electronic lock, combination lock, digital lock…All help you protect your guns as safe as possible in storing.

Some tips to buy screw bolt guns

Some Tips to Buy Screw Bolt Guns

In this article, I would like to share with you some practical experience to choose the best screw bolt gun for your own purpose. Basically, the screw bolt gun is also known as the pneumatic screw bolt guns or gun stopper.

Quality of The Air Compressor

Firstly, you should check the quality of your air compressor. Why do we need to check the quality of the air compressor? Because this is the device to supply gas to operate your gun:

– For the screw bolt gun with the head size of 1 “, the demand for the air source is from 10 to 12 bar

– For the screw bolt gun with the head size of ¾ “, the demand for the air source is from 8-10 bar

– For the screw bolt gun with the head size of ½ “(Specialized for the scooters and traveling cars will maximum of 4 seats), the demand for the air source is from 6-8 bar

bolt gun

Moisture of Tightened Screws

When testing a new gun, you should pay attention to the moisture of tightened screws.  For Chinese guns, we usually hear very strong sound, like smashed hummer once shooting. Hence, many people think that sound is one indicator of a good gun. However, it is not true as Chinese guns have low quality and they need the huge amount of steam to generate power at wind chamber impact hammer. The steam which a Chinese gun needed for turning 4 screws of the wheels is equal to the steam which a Japanese gun needed for turning 8 screws of the wheels. With a Chinese gun, even you have not yet complete a twist, your air compressor has to run slightly offset (resulting in power consumption).

Tightened Screws


When buying a gun, you should choose the one with the following details: the clear and well-known origin, full CO & CQ related documents, imported country, product model. If it is genuine, the gun model has to coincide with the model on the manufacturer website. Currently, on the market, there are several screw bolt guns from BOSS or Firebird brands, which should have the Taiwanese origin. But they do not have the website of the manufacturer. Essentially, they are both Chinese guns and the gun model is self-created. Some famous brands for screw bolt guns comprise of Shinano, KuKen from Japan, JTC – Taiwan. The products of those brands always have the gun model matched with the model list of products on the website of the manufacturer.

With the above experience, I hope you are able to choose the most suitable screw bolt gun for you!

How to buy air guns easily

Today, the most popular air gun on the market is the hunting rifle with the types of 6, 9, 12 kilograms and a shooting range from 30-100m. Depending on their old or new states, the original or fake model as well as their origin, they will be sold at different prices.

Consider the Quality

For example, you want to buy a new original air gun which has the weight of 9kg and the origin country of Czechoslovakia. However, the new air gun is not available at the gun store as this type is rare and was stopped production for such a long time. Then, the store owner introduces you a used air gun with the same characteristic. He analyzed that the gun will shoot very smoothly and satisfy the users. It is not new because its’ gun-stock was broken down and slightly rusted.


When you intend to buy such old gun instead of waiting for the new one arrived, its quality is the most important factor to consider.  Even the store owners can offer you the promotion or discount, it may be due to the unrecovered error of the used one. Sometimes you should stick with your intended purpose, do not change your idea just because you are offered a different type with much cheaper.

Check the Origin

As a usual, not all the store can offer you the same price for one product but the discrepancy is often less than 5% of its value. If you suddenly find a very cheap air gun at a shop with a much lower price than other stores, you should check its origin carefully.

Below we will give you the quoted price of some products for your reference. Particularly, inflatable guns of Indonesia are sold at 7 million per unit and they are popular products which are available at many stores. If you want a lower price, you can think of the Sharp Inova with the price of 5.5 million or the Tiger with the vivid colors and the price of over 6 million. According to gun reviews, that type of gun is lighter and quieter, but not precise.


Adversely, many kinds of fake guns are shown at the shop with the price ranges from 900 thousand to 2 million. For example, a newly exported gun valued of 17 million can have a fake version with the very similar appearance of just 8 million, a much lower price than.

According to this, the good air gun should be made of the soft spot with camcorder quality. In order to support the usage of the air gun, the customer should also take care of the standard of the Czech gun bullet which met completely the new fire standards with the price of 140,000 / kg.